Saturday, April 30, 2011

anonymous singer

{This is a poem inspired by something that happened this evening as my brothers and I were walking our neighbour's dog.}

as we walked the neighbour's dog
a song breathed through
the darkness

faint at first
like a figment of our imagination
but then stronger
unable to be ignored

some boy
some anonymous boy
in an anonymous room
poured his soul into the night
to the beat of his
own drum

did he suspect he would have an audience
of three people
and one apathetic dog?

had i been alone
i would have stayed to listen
to his pulsing rawness

but reality pulled at the leash;
i moved on with my
unsentimental brothers

but something in me wished
i could've stayed or
even followed the sound

something in me wished
life could be like
a book or movie
so i could have stayed,
joined his anonymity
to make music with him

(don't we all want to be
anonymous, alive?)


  1. If life's not like a book you can always write your own story...

    / Avy

  2. True! If only this author were not so flawed... :)

  3. That is a lovely story! That sometimes happens to me with a neighbor down my street (only it's less magical since he's older and married) :)

  4. Thank you. Haha, yes... I imagine that would be less magical. That's the beauty (and danger) of not knowing someone - we can give them whatever characteristics we want! :)