Monday, January 24, 2011

For Ever

{Ever, this is for you. It was inspired by your comment on this post. Do you remember? You later included it one of your lovely posts but what I didn't tell you was that it had also inspired me to write this poem. I never posted it but I thought it seemed fitting to finally post it on here.}

"I'm falling apart," you say
I will put you back together, I vow
I will add some things to you
Beautiful things

In your eyes I will infuse a poem by Plath
That is sad and delicate
and someday some boy will endeavor to make them happy again
(perhaps he will suceed)

In your voice, your words I will weave a
symphony of sounds by Tchaikovsky
Arpeggios by Chopin, by Debussy

In your bones
You will have a strength, a wiseness
Dickens & Austen
But also a touch of Carroll
(We cannot be complete without some whimsy, some humour).

Your tears will fall as snowflakes,
Your laughter will plant seeds that grow into wildflowers

And finally, in your heart & soul you will have
a great capacity for feeling, for loyalty, for love
But I cannot get these for you from anywhere
No, you must find these yourself:
You must be unique
You must be wholly yourself
as well as part of everything else


  1. Amazing poem!!! :) And cool idea to become inspired by a comment.

  2. The poem is beautifully composed, Melee dear. And the original comment which inspired it is truly wondrous, such an inspiring idea. Ever, you have created an enchanting place here, gentle and delicate and soothing to the bones. I shall be visiting again to see what other delights have been added. x

  3. Thank you both for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments!

    Yes, it is, Jade! I am often amazed at the places I find inspiration. :)

  4. Oh, Melee! This is so beautiful! You are such a dear friend to me, I love this. Thank you for thinking of me!